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Research and Insights


Gordon Creek Consulting, led by Scott Gordon, specializes in delivering comprehensive research and insights consulting services to drive organizational growth and innovation. With deep-rooted expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, we offer a unique blend of customer and employee research, competitive intelligence, and SWOT analysis frameworks. Our services are designed to uncover actionable insights that help businesses understand their audience, improve employee satisfaction, and strategically navigate the competitive landscape. Leveraging decades of experience in high-tech product development, organizational psychology, and a commitment to transformative consulting, Gordon Creek Consulting empowers businesses to achieve their full potential through data-driven strategies and insightful analysis.

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Customer Research & Analysis

Our customer research services stand on a robust foundation of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, enabling us to offer unmatched insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and trends. Utilizing diverse tools such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, surveys, and contextual inquiries, we embark on a deep dive into understanding the customer psyche.


This comprehensive approach ensures not merely the collection of data but its transformation into actionable insights that directly contribute to the refinement of product development, the formulation of effective marketing strategies, and the enhancement of the overall customer experience. Our process is designed to unearth your target audience's nuanced desires and expectations, thereby providing your business with the clarity and direction essential for making informed decisions.


Whether the goal is to launch a groundbreaking new product or to fine-tune an existing offering, our customer research services are tailored to deliver strategic insights that resonate deeply with your customers.

Moreover, we enhance our customer research services by incorporating Net Promoter Score (NPS) methods, a proven metric for tracking ongoing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This quantitative tool complements our qualitative techniques by providing a clear, numerical indicator of your customer's willingness to recommend your products or services.


The integration of NPS allows us to offer a holistic view of customer sentiment over time, enabling businesses to identify trends, gauge the impact of improvements, and prioritize areas requiring attention. By combining in-depth, qualitative insights with the quantitative precision of NPS, Gordon Creek Consulting equips clients with a comprehensive understanding of their customers. This dual approach ensures that every strategy and decision is informed by a deep, nuanced understanding of customer needs and preferences, paving the way for sustained success and stronger customer relationships.

Employee Research

At Gordon Creek Consulting, our employee research services are meticulously crafted to nurture an environment of engagement, motivation, and productivity within organizations. Drawing from extensive background in conducting primary research at industry leaders like Microsoft and innovative ventures like the G8 Group, we employ a variety of methods including satisfaction surveys, engagement studies, and direct interviews to cultivate a deep understanding of the employee experience.


This rich foundation allows us to pinpoint both strengths and areas ripe for development within your organization, encompassing aspects such as leadership effectiveness, communication clarity, career progression opportunities, and the critical balance between work and life. 

Further expanding on this foundation, we bring a specialized expertise in employee engagement and burnout prevention to the forefront of our services. By applying principles akin to Net Promoter Score (NPS) methods alongside other quantitative survey techniques, we offer a nuanced capability to continuously track and analyze employee satisfaction, engagement levels, and overall well-being. These methodologies provide us with the means to deliver reliable and statistically significant insights into the health of your workforce, enabling targeted interventions that cultivate a workplace environment where employees feel valued, understood, and motivated.


Through this comprehensive approach, Gordon Creek Consulting not only aids organizations in fostering a positive work culture but also in establishing a robust framework for monitoring and enhancing employee well-being over time, ensuring a resilient and thriving organizational climate.

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Competitive Research

Gordon Creek Consulting's competitive research services are designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their standing in the market relative to their competitors. Leveraging my extensive background in strategic planning and competitive analysis, honed through years of experience at leading firms like Microsoft and innovative projects with the G8 Group, we utilize a diverse array of research methodologies. These include conducting competitor focus groups, in-depth interviews, engaging in secret shopper research, and applying SWOT analysis to gain a nuanced understanding of the competitive landscape.


Our approach is tailored to uncover not just the overt strategies of competitors but also the subtler aspects of their customer engagement and market positioning. By incorporating secret shopper services, we offer our clients the unique advantage of gaining firsthand insights into competitors' customer service, product quality, and operational efficiencies. This level of detailed analysis ensures that businesses are not just reacting to the market but proactively staying ahead of industry shifts and competitor movements.

The intelligence we gather through our competitive research services serves as a critical input for strategic decision-making, enabling businesses to not only identify but also capitalize on market trends and opportunities. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, as well as emerging customer preferences and behaviors, Gordon Creek Consulting empowers clients to innovate and differentiate their offerings effectively.


This competitive intelligence becomes the cornerstone of strategic planning, helping to inform everything from product development to marketing strategies and operational adjustments. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are not just participants in their industry but leaders who are well-equipped to navigate and shape the market dynamics.


By leveraging our comprehensive competitive research and analysis, businesses can make informed decisions that align with key trends in the marketplace, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

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