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Data Scientist & Computer Programmer

Nick has 7 years of experience as a data analyst at Amazon. He is a championing agile business solutions and building scalable data architecture and systems. He has designed, implemented, and supported scalable data pipelines that cleanse, structure and integrate disparate data sets into accessible formats for users and stakeholders.

Nick has a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Certificate in Computer Science from Seattle University and is passionate about helping businesses succeed through data-driven solutions. He has a track record of success in eliminating business-critical ETL failures, reducing load time, improving the accuracy and quality of data, architecting machine-learning model platforms, and creating scalable solutions to optimize data transit and storage. He is also an experienced business analyst with a proven ability to streamline performance analysis reports, automate reporting, and improve the resiliency and reliability of attendance reporting.

Nick is committed to leveraging his expertise and experience to help businesses reach their data-driven goals.


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