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Foundation Training: Empowering Self-Awareness Through Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery employs an easy-to-remember four-color model - Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue energies - to help individuals appreciate their unique style, strengths, and the value they contribute to their teams. The distinct mix of these color energies shapes and explains our behaviors and interactions.

Who's it for?

Our Foundation Training is versatile, fitting for individuals at all levels. It provides a foundational self-awareness necessary for personal growth, effective teamwork, and authentic leadership. Insights Discovery transcends geographical and cultural barriers by employing a shared language, facilitating open conversations, and promoting effective feedback mechanisms. It's the perfect tool for teams working remotely due to travel restrictions, geographically dispersed groups, or those working from home due to recent world events.


The Foundation Training with Insights Discovery enhances interpersonal relationships, fostering a respectful, productive, and positive working environment, even in virtual settings. Participants will understand their and others' communication preferences, fostering enhanced collaboration. It provides a shared language to navigate challenges and conflicts effectively.

Through our fun and enlightening color game, you will explore whether you lead with Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow, or Fiery Red energy, revealing what that means for you. This journey doesn't end with initial discovery; it's an ongoing process of rediscovery as we continue to learn, grow, and adapt in response to our experiences. Whether you've experienced Insights Discovery before or are new to the process, our Foundation Training will help you explore why people change and what these changes mean for you.

Join us in our Foundation Training to discover and rediscover yourself, your color energies, and your place in the evolving world of work.


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