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Insights Discovery Model

We are an Accredited Insights Discovery Distributor of the powerful Insights Discovery Model millions worldwide use. Insights Discovery is your first step towards enhanced self-awareness and improved relationships in the workplace. Based on the profound psychology of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool designed to help individuals better understand themselves and others, maximizing the value of interpersonal relationships.

At the heart of the Insights Discovery methodology is an easy-to-remember four-color model that simplifies the complexities of personality traits. This model characterizes your unique blend of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue energies, each color representing a different aspect of your personality and behavioral style. The result is a comprehensive understanding of why people act and react in specific ways.

Our Insights Discovery program is designed to suit everyone, regardless of their organizational role. It lays a strong foundation of self-awareness, essential for personal growth, team effectiveness, and authentic leadership.

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