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Elevate Your Business with Gordon Creek Consulting: Where Insights Lead to Innovation

Unlock the full potential of your business with Gordon Creek Consulting's bespoke suite of services, designed to empower your team, outpace competitors, and captivate your customers. With over 25 years of high-tech industry experience, our founder, Scott Gordon, brings unparalleled expertise from giants like Microsoft and Amazon, delivering cutting-edge research, strategic planning, and professional development services.

Dive deep into the psyche of your market with our Customer and Competitive Research Services, utilizing state-of-the-art methods from secret shopper evaluations to SWOT analyses, ensuring your offerings not only meet but exceed market expectations. Transform your organization from the inside out with our Employee Research Services, fostering a culture of engagement, motivation, and productivity that attracts and retains top talent.

Chart your course to success with our Strategic Planning Services, including Opportunity Research and Analysis using the Lean Canvas approach and Product Management Consulting, tailored to refine your product vision and accelerate your roadmap to launch.


Elevate your team's performance and leadership skills with our Professional Development Services based on the transformative Insights Discovery program, enhancing team effectiveness and leadership development through bespoke color training.

Embark on a journey of growth and innovation with Gordon Creek Consulting. Let us help you navigate the complexities of today's business landscape with strategic insight and actionable solutions. Connect with us today to transform insights into actionable success.

My Journey

Experience is the greatest teacher, and I've had the privilege to learn from various roles across diverse business landscapes. Each role I've had, from leading product roadmaps in elite high-tech companies to navigating the growth of a family-owned business, has enriched my understanding of people, teams, and organizations.


In the span of my career, beginning with an extensive 18-year journey at Microsoft, I played a pivotal role in shaping the strategic vision and product roadmap for the multi-billion-dollar Office suite. As a Principal Group Product Planner and later as a Director of Product Management, I steered the product management organization towards delivering value that not only met but exceeded the expectations of top executives. My leadership was instrumental in the success of the Office product line, marking significant milestones in Microsoft’s history, including the rapid growth of SharePoint, which became the fastest product to reach a billion dollars in sales.

My tenure at Microsoft was characterized by innovative leadership and strategic foresight, leading a globally dispersed team and overseeing a 300-person Customer Advisory Council. This council brought together IT leaders from Fortune 100 companies, fostering a collaborative environment to shape product strategies that resonate with the needs of large enterprises. This experience granted me a profound understanding of corporate dynamics, strategic decision-making, and the paramount importance of customer-centricity in driving product development and market success.

Following my time at Microsoft, my career took me to Amazon, where I served as the Director of Product Management for the Amazon Mobile Retail team. Here, I led a 90-person development team, setting product strategies and priorities that enhanced Amazon’s mobile commerce capabilities. My work involved close collaboration with top-tier telecom companies to integrate systems facilitating device activations—a testament to my ability to bridge technical innovation with strategic business objectives.

This journey through the high-tech landscape has equipped me with an unmatched expertise and a unique perspective that I bring to every client engagement. At Gordon Creek Consulting, we're dedicated to transforming insights into strategies that drive growth, innovation, and meaningful change for our clients.

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Parallel to working in tech, I co-owned and operated a successful family business, Safe N Sound Swimming, for over 30 years. We grew the business by 250% over a decade, expanding into lifeguard certification courses and offering children a popular summer adventure camp. Navigating this venture through the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic was a testament to our resilience and adaptability. It’s a testament to the principles of organizational behavior and management I strive to instill in others today.

In academia, I graduated summa cum laude with a master’s degree in organizational psychology from the University of Hartford, during which I authored my capstone academic article on employee burnout, an increasingly pertinent issue in our changing workplaces. This formal education and practical experience have fortified my understanding of psychology’s critical role in the workplace and the importance of employee well-being.

As a result, I've built growth and business strategies, improved organizational effectiveness, developed deliberate company cultures, and enhanced employee engagement for numerous clients. My experience spans improving team communication, exploring market opportunities, business planning, and delivering various training programs.


All of these experiences contribute to the wealth of knowledge I bring to Gordon Creek Consulting. I leverage these insights along with my accredited licensed practitioner status in Insights Discovery to offer services that make a difference - services that enhance your organization's effectiveness and create an environment of growth and innovation. Our journey together will be one of transformation, unlocking your full potential, and inspiring positive change in your organization.

Our Vision

Our mission is both ambitious and straightforward: to transform businesses and individuals by igniting innovative thinking and fostering actions that lead to significant, lasting change. Recognizing the unique nature of each organization, we customize our approach to align with your distinct needs and goals. Our comprehensive suite of services, encompassing consulting, training, and facilitation, is meticulously designed to empower your teams and elevate your organization. From enhancing business performance and boosting employee engagement to sparking a culture of excellence, we believe in the transformative power of inspired individuals as the bedrock of organizational success.

Central to our ethos is a firm commitment to research-driven strategies and the judicious application of cutting-edge technology. Leveraging academic rigor, extensive industry experience, and the latest technological innovations, we offer solutions that are not only practical and efficient but also visionary, preparing you for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Our role transcends that of mere consultants; we are your steadfast partners, committed to accompanying you on your journey towards growth, enhanced productivity, and a deeply engaged, motivated workforce. At Gordon Creek Consulting, we're not just about providing services; we're about forging lasting partnerships in pursuit of excellence.

Through our dedicated focus on research, strategic planning, and professional development—including our specialized services in opportunity research and analysis, product management consulting, and the transformative Insights Discovery program—we make our vision a reality. Our approach is holistic, combining the rigor of strategic planning with the nuanced understanding of individual and organizational behavior to unlock potential and inspire change. As we journey together, your vision for your organization takes shape, turning aspirations into achievements. Your success is the measure of our success; together, we can accomplish the extraordinary, shaping a future defined by growth, innovation, and enduring impact.

The Power of Organizational Psychology

We believe in the power of self-awareness and understanding as crucial steps toward creating a high-performing, harmonious work environment. We are proud to be an Accredited Insights Discovery Distributor, offering our clients access to a psychometric tool that has transformed the professional relationships of millions worldwide.

000_002_Discovery with Globe.jpg

Insights Discovery is more than just an assessment; it is a journey towards understanding oneself and others more deeply. Rooted in the profound psychology of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery uses an easy-to-remember four-color model representing Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue energies. This model helps decode the complexity of personality traits and behavioral styles, offering an insightful understanding of why individuals act and react in particular ways.

Our Insights Discovery program is not role-specific but universally applicable, irrespective of your organizational position. The program lays the groundwork for enhancing self-awareness, a key to personal growth, team effectiveness, and authentic leadership. With a comprehensive understanding of personality dynamics, we aid your team in unlocking the full potential of interpersonal relationships, fostering a culture of empathy, understanding, and effective communication.

We offer various Insights Discovery programs to cater to your specific needs. Our foundation training focuses on the basics of personality dynamics, while our transformational leadership training is designed to enhance leadership competencies. We also provide specialized training for sales and team effectiveness, all tailored to meet your organization's unique demands.

The application of the Insights Discovery Model goes beyond training; it serves as a compass guiding all our consulting, training, and facilitation services. By understanding individuals better, we craft strategies and programs that resonate with your team, enhancing engagement, productivity, and overall organizational performance.

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